Howto develop SQL procedures faster

Developer at work

Developer at work

If you are working on some SQL project, making SQL dump more readable is very usefull. You need to optimize edit-import-try-fix-export loop, because you want develop your SQL procedures fast. Here are some tips how to accomplish this.

Configure your mysql client

Set parameter comments = 1 in your ~/.my.cnf, which will preserve comments in your SQL procedures.

password = top-secret
comments = 1

Make SQL dumps more readable

Dump your procedures with the following command

mysqldump --no-data \
  --skip-dump-date --skip-comments --skip-set-charset \
  --routines --no-create-info --skip-triggers $DATABASE \
    | grep -v -e '^/\*\![0-9]* SET ' \
    > sql/proceures.sql

Use ‚make‘ to import/export easily

Create Makefile (look here for example) and use simple comands make install and make dump

Use Vim editor to fold body of the procedure

Vim folding on SQL file

Vim editor has a great feature – folding. You can hide parts of edited file and get better overview of your source code. But little configuration is required for *.sql file. Add the following line at the end of your *.sql file:

$ cat sql/_footer.sql
-- vim: fdm=marker fdl=0 fdc=0 fmr=DELIMITER\ ;;,DELIMITER\ \; foldtext=getline(v\:foldstart\+1)

Use Vim autocommand

In Vim editor use command

:au BufWritePost *.sql :! make install

which will use ‚make‘ to install your SQL procedures after each write of *.sql file. Command is executed directly from editor so you don’t need to stop or suspend them.