Howto disable Emergency call button on lockscreen – Android CyanogenMod

Emergency-Dialer-CyanogenMod‚Emergency Call‘ button on the pattern lockscreen is really annoying for me, so I decide to remove them. I’m using CyanogenMod and I was able to find place in source code, where is defined.

Patching was pretty simple:

  • start with CaynogenMod Developer Resources page and figure out, howto build your own custom ROM
  • synchronize your repository with repo sync command
  • build your first custom ROM witg brunch <your-model> command (it will take about 1 hour on fast computer, 8+ on slow computer)
  • push your custom ROM to your phone and functionality
  • remove class
  • remove reference to EmergencyButton object from – commenting out whole protected void onFinishInflate() method is the simplest way
  • remove XML tag < android:id=“@+id/emergency_call_button“ …/> from keyguard_emergency_carrier_area.xml
  • rebuild your custom ROM
  • you are done


3 názory na “Howto disable Emergency call button on lockscreen – Android CyanogenMod

  1. Hexagonal

    Hi Lubomir.

    It’s very interesting. Can you share the resulting LockClock.apk from /system/app?

    I think maybe LockClock is identical for all cyanogenmod devices.

  2. Anthony

    thanks for this. I have followed the instructions and I now do not have the emergency call button on my lock screen.
    It would be good if this was a configurable option but that would be a larger change

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